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Public Advocate Statement At Brief Filing Defends Marriage In Michigan

Public Advocate Statement At Brief Filing Defends Marriage In Michigan

On Wednesday, May 13 2014, Public Advocate filed an Amicus Curiae Brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in support of traditional marriage in Michigan.

Brief Amicus Curiae of Public Advocate of the United States, as filed Wednesday

Eugene Delgaudio Statement at time of Michigan Brief Filing

Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate said the filing at the time of the court

"The Michigan Marriage Amendment was recently struck down by federal district judge Bernard Friedman. The MMA was passed by Michigan voters with a strong majority of support in 2004. This legal attack on Marriage is just the latest in a long string of judicial activism to force American communities to recognize homosexual "marriages" since the Defense of Marriage Act was undercut last summer in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The MMA protects the traditional understanding of marriage as one man and one woman, and protects children from being adopted by homosexuals. Public Advocate and the majority of Michigan voters believe that children should not be given over to homes defined by an unnatural and immoral lifestyle.

Judge Friedman justified his anti-family decision by citing the U.S. Constitution Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection and due process clauses. Public Advocate's brief confronts Friedman's opinion by pointing that he was wrong as to every issue he addressed.

The textual meaning and intent of the Fourteenth Amendment was meant to address the issue of race, not sexual behavior. With his decision, Friedman is dramatically reinterpreting this amendment. He also privileged the testimony of an individual psychologist and sociologist who favors homosexual "marriage."

Marriage is and has always been the union of one man and one woman. This is recognized the world over, and still by the majority of Americans. It is wrong and lawless for activist judges to simply overrule the expressed will of the people. Furthermore, these redefinitions in marriage are used to specifically harm children, Christians, and individuals who object to the homosexual lifestyle.

While the argument is always presented as "liberating" self-identified homosexuals from oppression and discriminatory regulations, the truth could not be farther from it. Homosexual "marriages" have never been recognized in America, or anywhere else in history. Laws defining marriage as one man and one woman do not take anything from homosexuals. Homosexuals still have the freedom of speech to describe themselves however they like.

What these legal changes actually do, is place a burden on the rest of the country to recognize and privilege these relationships. Now, businesses must participate in inherently religious ceremonies being performed in an immoral fashion. Children are being handed over to unnatural couples for adoption, even though it is not in their best interests. And if the pattern in Canada and the United Kingdom is any indicator, American churches will soon be persecuted as well for opposing the Homosexual Agenda in any fashion.

For all these reasons and more, Public Advocate is standing with Michigan families to help them regain their marriage amendment. We will be coordinating with activists and pastors on the ground as we seek to raise public awareness and pressure, " Delgaudio said.