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Accused Serial Homosexual Child Molester Charged With Attempt to Murder His Victims From Jail

Livermore molestation defendant accused of trying to hire hit man.

Don't expect this report from California to be reported by any major
news bureau or get any condemnation from the liberal news media like
a taped private conversation or some traffic infraction by a rock star.

A homosexual child molester charged with 75 allegations of attacks on three
boys under the age of 17 over the years is now charged with attempting to have
his victims murdered by a hit man from his jail cell.

This is what is headed to the rest of America if we let the same laws that
allow open season on innocent children and attacks on traditional marriage
without a fight.

One newspaper reports:

"A well-known Livermore (California) golf coach charged with 75 felony counts alleging that he molested children is now facing accusations that he tried from jail to hire a hit man to kill three alleged victims.

Andrew Michael Nisbet, 32, wrote letters from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin expressing his interest in having the victims "taken care of," Alameda County district attorney's Inspector Jeff McCort wrote in a court affidavit.

Those letters, which included information about the alleged victims, ended up in the hands of a confidential informant, who in turn brought them to the attention of a sheriff's deputy in February, authorities said.

The informant later received more letters from Nisbet "agreeing on a price for each victim and that Nisbet can get the (informant) money," McCort wrote."

For the full report from one newspaper go to

A sports news website has also reported:

"A San Francisco Bay Area golf coach who was set to receive an award from the PGA before he was arrested and accused of molesting three boys tried to hire a hit man to have them killed, prosecutors said.

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office has charged 32-year-old Andrew Michael Nisbet with solicitation of murder. Nisbet already was facing dozens of molestation charges."

Video One local news station in San Francisco

Andrew Nisbet, Livermore Golf Coach, Charged With 75 Counts of Child Molestation