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Pro-family Hero LaBarbera Released By Canada-- You Are Reason For The Victory

Pro-family Hero LaBarbara Brings Conquers Canada-- You Are Reason For The Victory

Peter Labarbera gave his speech against homosexuality in Canada this past Saturday and he is free to visit and talk to Canadians to the end of his visa April 17. This victory over an extremist gay rights group that labeled him as a "hate group" and also signals a world wide negative reaction to Canada's law that would restrict the right of visitors to practice their religious beliefs and imprison visitors "immediately".

Bill Whatcott post one of many news reports on his blog from "discovery Weyburn"

LaBarbera says CBSA agents overturned their decision, claiming the allegations were unsubstantiated, "the allegations being that we were in violation of the hate law...and they gave me back my passport and they said, you know, we have to make sure you go when you said you were going to go, April 17, which is Thursday, so we said okay. I think maybe they might have seen that it was sort of a P.R. disaster because it had already generated a lot of interest just in the last couple days.

I think if they would have kept it up and said, you know, you're booted from Canada just because you hold a certain viewpoint about homosexuality I think that wouldn't have made Canada look very good."