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Christian college slapped with Title IX claim for denying transgender female room in all-male dorm

A small Christian college in Oregon is being forced to give a transgender person a dorm room
in an all male dormitory-- violating the entire premise of the Christian faith.

The Daily Caller reports:

A transgender student at smallish Christian liberal arts college in small-town Oregon has filed a federal Title IX discrimination claim that would force the school give the student a dorm room in an all-male residence hall, thus violating its theological principles.

The student attends private, Quaker-affiliated George Fox University in Newberg, about 25 miles southwest of Portland, Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO-TV reports.

The online version of the claim identifies the sophomore only as Jayce (short for Jaycen). It states that Jayce is undergoing "an extensive process" of transition from "female to male." Jayce "started gender therapy over a year ago" and "has been taking" testosterone "for over a year."..........

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