Defending the family

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The recent decision by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to remove the Southern Poverty
Law Center proves that this so-called law group is a sham and fraud masquerading as
a "civil rights group".

Thank you to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for removing the SPLC from their "resource list"
which my attorney has supoenoed for records related to their reckless labeling of me and my group.

They have labeled Public Advocate a "hate group" based simply on PA's long 31 year history of
support of the Boy Scouts of America, my defense of traditional marriage and my work to
oppose federal restrictions on religious liberty.

Thank God the FBI finally decided this type of fraud and reckless behavior can not be tolerated
and that America's top law enforcment agency will not affiliate itself with a group that
treats peaceful law abiding public policy leaders as equivelent to skinheads.

The fact that the SPLC itself uses such strictly actionable words to ochestrate violence as with the
convicted shooter who first appeared in Sterling and at my offices before actually arriving and
perpetrating his crime against the Family Research Council also clearly was another reason for a
law enforcement agency not to want to affilate with the SPLC.