Defending the family

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(Political Oberservation: the 31 per cent win for Rand Paul for President in the CPAC poll turned out large crowds of young libertarians to cpac 2014 who are also for drug legalization)


There are things you expect to see at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and there are things you don't. One of the things you probably don't is an audience cheering and applauding arguments for legalizing pot and bemoaning the war on drugs.

A panel titled "Rocky Mountain High" held Thursday afternoon started out as a debate between Mary Katherine Ham of Fox and Hot Air and Christopher Beach a staffer for former Drug Czar William Bennett's radio show. But as the debate wore on it became clear the real disagreement was between Beach and the overwhelming majority of the audience.

(Separately but clearly another big disconnect from the past 50 years).

Breitbart also reports:


Pro-life leaders have noticed that not a single panel or specific speaker on life issues has been scheduled for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which is supposed to be the preeminent annual gathering of conservatives in America.

Pro-lifers note there are important panels on the IRS scandal, immigration, Common Core, privacy, gun control, and criminal justice reform--issues in which pro-lifers would be keenly interested. Pro-lifers generally pride themselves on being "full spectrum conservatives"; that is, supporters of the three-legged stool: economics, national security, and moral issues. So they would not complain about panels covering these issues.

But they note other panels on career counseling, methods of making friends, pot smoking, making posts go Upworthy, and even one on Vaccines vs. Leeches, and wonder if there is no room for a panel or two on life issues--issues that motivate a tremendous number of grassroots activists who also vote conservative.

In an age when religious freedom is under attack, they also note there isn't a single panel on the issue or a panel on traditional marriage, an issue that is roiling the country and will end up in the Supreme Court in the coming months.

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