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Arizona: Post Brays Up Storm Over Destroying Religious Liberty--Delgaudio condemns Brewer and RINOs

While the Washington Post brays and celebrates how they and their homosexual allies in the major mass media stampeded the Governor's veto in Arizona, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate issued this statement to supporters nationwide:


Yesterday, Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer essentially vetoed religious freedom in her state.

You see, the Arizona state legislature bravely passed a bill which would have protected small business owners and their free exercise of religion.

But Governor Brewer refused to sign this bill -- the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (SB 1062) -- after several high-profile "Republicans" pressured her to veto it.

The chief among those turncoat Republicans is Arizona senator John McCain.

Senator McCain's outright subversion of the rights of Arizonans creates a dangerous precedent in his state.

Because now that the radical Homosexual Lobby can claim this victory, they'll no doubt use it as a springboard to try to pass a state-level Gay Bill of Special Rights in Arizona. "