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THOUSANDS TO JOIN Virginia Del. Marshall in calls for Impeaching Federal Judge Over Ban of Traditional Marriage


Marshall says:

Our representatives in Congress and our State Legislatures must stand up for the people of Virginia and America and begin the process to remove judges who violate the will of the people. In California, one judge invalidated Proposition 8, which was ratified by 7 million Californians. In Virginia, one judge invalidated our Marriage Amendment, which became part of our Constitution upon its ratification by 1.3 million Virginia voters.

If such actions continue, legislative bodies which serve as representatives of the people, as well as the sovereign voting people themselves, will become irrelevant in our political process. In effect, one judge becomes more powerful than entire state legislatures and the millions of people whom they represent! If same-sex marriage proponents want to take down legitimately passed laws and Amendments, (marriage laws have always been state issues), then they should attempt to do so without using an end run against the legitimate legislative process.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen, an Obama appointee, exhibited not only bad judgment, but she also showed incompetence by quoting lines from the Declaration of Independence which she attributed to the U.S. Constitution. These two separate documents were written years apart. Judge Wright later revised her written opinion to make this correction.

Please urge your state legislators to stand up for Marriage! You can find who represents you here:

Also, contact Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte, the 6th District Congressman who Chairs the House Judiciary Committee. He would be especially influential in starting the process for removal of judges who promote an agenda. His DC office phone is 202-225-5431 and fax is 202-225-9681.

I issued a press release on my website

about the recent decision in our commonwealth. In addition, you may listen to the interview I did on WTOP News before this opinion came out.

End of Marshall Statement