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Delgaudio Mobilizes Support for Pro-family Bills In Massachusetts Legislature

In a message to Massachusett's citizens, Eugene Deglaudio, president of Public Advocate said in part:

"Please consider these model laws that could be adopted in other states. In the meantime, work for their passage as introduced in Massachsetts"

Delgaudio further stated in messages to thousands of Americans:

(Here is a )list of seven valuable bills currently in the Massachusetts' legislature and I wanted to give you a heads up.

I have provided the complete list here along with a brief description of each bill.

Once please contact (Massachusett's) representatives and ask them to support all of these pro-Family bills.

1) H333: Effective Parents' Rights Opt-In Bill

This bills amends the current parental notification law to expand the range of controversial subjects addressed. It also removes the Department of Education as the arbiter of disputes.

2) H452: Protect children from intrusive school surveys on personal issues

This would put a stop to the massive data collection process schools employ to violate the privacy of children.

3) H1748: Repeal the "Buffer Zone" Law

This eliminates the ridiculous 35-foot "buffer" restricting pro-Family speech around select installations.

4) H2851: Eliminate the "Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth

This law will eliminate law that created this commission, which was passed underhandedly without a public hearing or normal debate.

5) H1479: Repeal the Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Law

This law was hastily passed through without debate. Not it creates a confusing and counter-productive maze of regulations and fines.

6) H1282: Remove exemption of schools from anti-pornography laws

This exemption is used to promote homosexuality and other sexual perversions in classrooms under the guise of "education."

7) H2817: Remove exemption of Legislature from open meeting laws

This exemption allows the government at all levels to hide what it is doing from the public.

Click here to find your Representative and contact them right away!

#end of Delgaudio statement asking citizens to contact Mass. Legislators#

Credit to Mass Resistance.