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Virginia's new Attorney General Mark Herring is out of line....... Public Advocate Supports Protests In Norfolk, Virgina

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio
For Immediate Release Monday February 3rd, 2:00 P.M.

In a message to thousands of Virginia supporters, Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio said:

"Tomorrow, TUESDAY FEBRUARY 4TH (Attorney General Mark Herring) will be arguing in the Norfolk District Courthouse AGAINST Virginia's Marriage Amendment.....

Instead of defending Virginia's laws as he is supposed to, AG Herring will be violating his oath of office to satisfy his own personal agenda..........

You see, Virginia voters passed the Marriage Amendment by 57% in 2006......Mark Herring doesn't care.

He thinks he has the right to simply throw this decision out the window!

The constitutional amendment protects marriage as just one man and one woman -- but Mark (Herring) would rather see our state go the way of Massachusetts or Vermont.......

Public Advocate already challenged Governor Terry McAuliffe a few weeks ago during his inauguration.

Our staff and volunteers stood outside the gates in the pouring rain calling out McAuliffe for his plan to ram unconstitutional executive orders through and to attack real marriage.

Hundreds of his supporters proudly wore badges showing their support for real marriage, and yet his attorney general is on the war path against it......

There will be a protest outside the Norfolk Courthouse tomorrow to show opposition to Mr. Herring's outrageous actions.

If you live in the area, you should try to go there and join our people across from the Court.

The protest will start at 9:00 AM tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th.

The U.S. District Courthouse is located at 600 Granby Street, Norfolk VA, 23510.

And if you can, please bring a sign to wave.

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Defend Virginia's Marriage Law


Virginians Support REAL Marriage