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Grant Robbery Now Legal? Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M in grants-- biggest grant robbery in US history yet media ignores it.

Professor admits faking AIDS vaccine to get $19M in grants--
biggest haul in US history yet media ignores it.

Public Advocate's budget is a respectable average $1.2 million for a medium sized small group.

Not one dollar from "grants", with 100 per cent public support and an average donation of $7.

The various gay lobbies hallucinate over that daily and put out daily alerts and pleas to the public: "dont support Public Advocate". Millions hear this refrain frequently.

Yet a thief stole $19 million (this is not a misprint) and gets off with no penalty except a 3 year pause on his getting 19 million.

This same thief can come to the federal grant authority and, in theory, apply for and collect $19 million again in 2017 -- and it proves the gay lobby gets billions of tax dollars without any objection by members of Congress or the news media and other good government "watchdogs".

That $19 million stolen is barely a thimbful compared to the giant buckets of cash the government hands them, it seems.

Public Advocate, a small group, is up against a multi billion dollar tax funded propaganda monstrosity. with some private rich homosexual billionaires throwing in a few hundred million here and there.

A good chuck of the AIDs "research" is advocacy to various segments of the general population promoting the homosexual lifestyle under the guise of "health awareness."

The implied reason Washington elites don't care about an admitted thief ripping off the grant program for $19 million is that the respective gay lobbies and their "health" partners who are politically correct are getting billions and $19 million is not even worth noticing.

Which makes PA's work all the more valuable and shows our impact. The odds are against us as corruption flows in the halls and stairways of Congress and the White House like an open sewer.

But we, all of us, need to expose this thief and call for a Congressional investigation by the appropriate House Committee to bring attention to the waste. fraud and abuse that may be going on elsewhere in this system. How distant is such a large sum of money from the reality that is today's Washington, D.C.

A large truckload of money appears to be invisible to the trustees of the American Treasury.