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Dem. Colorado Majority Leader Fires "GOP Friendly" Homosexual-- Establishment Okay With That.

Colorado's Democratic Party endorsed Majority Leader of the Colorado Senate Irene Aguilar reportedly fired a college graduate legislative aide for having a Republican for a friend.

Tyler Drum was allegedly fired after visiting the office of a fellow aide, a Republican.

When he was fired, he was only told that Democrat leadership was uncomfortable with him befriending a Republican.

Working as an aide was Drum's first job after graduating.

Drum posted at a conservative website stating, in part, :

"I would like to address the lies I have seen written about me by some very important lobbyists and political figures in Colorado today. Yes I have interned for Log Cabin Republican when I was a Freshman, a fact I am proud of and proudly informed Senator Aguilar about in my interview."

Public Advocate's policy position and our advocacy opposes legislative and political organizations hiring openly homosexual activists in pro-family or pro-family offices of elected officials.

Liberal legislators hire open homosexual activists all the time, until this incident --as it now clear the liberal legislator fires openly homosexual activists who have a friend who is Republican.

And the news media looks the other way, it seems at the moment.

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