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Video--Fox TV Editorial Blasts President: "Obama Goes After the Little Sisters of the Poor"

It's a new year, but the president is not off to a good start. Last night on Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro took on the Obama administration for going after nuns and the Catholic Church. Check out her Opening Statement in the clip above and transcript below.

Judge Pirro, in her nationwide editorial broadcast on Fox TV, said in part:

"So here we are. The first Saturday night of the new year. That time when most of us put together a wish list of things we resolve to do........

.................I am tired of government leaders who do everything but punch each other out. I want a ramping down of rhetoric like one party holding "guns to the heads of the American people."

A government that respects religious freedom.

Mr. President, now that you're back from your Hawaiian vacation (how's that handicap?), you come back and you try to take away from the Little Sisters of the Poor - a 175 year old religious organization caring for low income elderly and dying - their right to exercise their First Amendment freedom of religion.

You promised the Catholic Church you would not - under ObamaCare - force those with religious objection to provide contraception to employees - which is contrary to their fundamental beliefs - and their exercise of their religion. In spite of your promise, you are spending millions in legal fees to force the Little Sisters of the Poor - who spend their lives serving the sick and the elderly - to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients to their employees.

Pray tell Mr. President, might you have lied to the Catholic Church? And now you want to sanction one home $6,700 dollars a day? What don't you understand about poor?

I don't care if you're pro-choice or pro-life - you have a fundamental right to practice your religion.

You have a fundamental right to the First Amendment, freedom of religion. And yet, you as a former constitutional professor, refuse to exempt them from the contraceptive mandate. You, the same guy who grants exemptions and waivers left and right to unions, political buddies, bundlers - but not the women who have devoted their lives to God and caring for the sick?

Hell! Even convicted Muslim felons in federal prison can exercise their religious freedom. They can't be punished for exercising their religion.

And you go after these nuns to force them to violate their religion? Am I asking for too much? We're only talking about your word. Religious freedom. The First Amendment.

Mr. President, it's 2014 and we're not getting off to a good start.

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