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New York Times "Overjoyed and Celebrating" "Humiliation" and Elimination of Republican Voice and Existence in Senate

(The Senate majority has voted a new rule change: The rule change lowered to a simple 51-vote majority the threshold to clear procedural hurdles on the way to the confirmation of judges and executive nominees.)

Liberal New York Times frets:

"President Obama will get a short-term lift for his nominees, judicial and otherwise, but over the immediate horizon, the strong-arm move by Senate Democrats on Thursday to limit filibusters could usher in an era of rank partisan warfare beyond even what Americans have seen in the past five years."

The NYT says "Ultimately, a small group of centrists, Republicans and Democrats, could find the muscle to hold the Senate at bay until bipartisan solutions can be found. But for the foreseeable future, Republicans, wounded and eager to show they have not been stripped of all power, are far more likely to unify against the Democrats who humiliated them in such dramatic fashion."

The fear and fretting at the New York Times is laughable. They think that this insult and removal of the right to debate will further empower the Republican minority? Since when did the New York Times think that highly of Republicans?

The New York Times is simply mocking the Republican minority after the fact. The key word is "humiliation" in today's NYT so that everybody knows exactly the inside JOKE.

Mamby Pamby Liberal Lamar Alexander Barks

"This is the most important and most dangerous restructuring of Senate rules since Thomas Jefferson wrote them at the beginning of our country," declared Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee. "It's another raw exercise of political power to permit the majority to do whatever it wants whenever it wants to do it."

Maybe the first thing is to admit you are wrong about being silent just a few days ago for the entire time of months, that the ENDA bill was being considered, Senator Alexander.

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