Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio: "Thousands Calling Texas Governor on Ban on Christians" We Remember the Alamo, We Will Not Desert You San Antonio

In a nationwide message, Eugene Delgaudio said:

"Pro-Family citizens of San Antonio, Texas are in a shocking struggle right now.

The city council is drafting a new ordinance that would require approval of the Homosexual Agenda for public employment.

That's right, if you believe in real marriage, or traditional morality, or even just in your 1st Amendment rights of free speech and religion, you will be banned from public service."


And the homosexual lobby is responding to Christians protesting the proposed law that will ban them completely from public service in San Antonio, Texas.

At the direct request of Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio, thousands of Texans are contacting their Governor Rick Perry and other elected leaders and pro-family supporters have now been attacked by the Gay Lobby in a new confrontation in San Antonio.

Click here to watch a shocking video of homosexual activists disrupting a peaceful Christian protest: