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Eugene Delgaudio Condemns Constitutional violation in the Justice Department

Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate told over one million internet contacts on
twitter, facebook, google banner ads, assorted social media sites, and subscribers the


"The Department of Justice is violating the First Amendment rights of its employees in order to promote the Homosexual Agenda.

A mandatory memo has been released internally, and the guidelines it expresses are shocking.

Managers within the DOJ will now be required to endorse and promote the Homosexual Agenda on a daily basis.

All dissent against homosexuality is to be silenced.

Employees are to be scolded or disciplined for expressing any belief in moral sexuality or real marriage.

Office memos, emails or other announcements cannot even refer to husbands or wives. In order to make everyone "equal," all marriages will be treated as if they were a homosexual "marriage" of "partners."

Worse yet, the guidelines even warn that homosexuals are always watching for slip ups, so employees must censor their language at all times to avoid offending them.

Managers will not even be allowed to remain silent on this topic.

"Silence will be interpreted as disapproval."

And if a manager dares to "disapprove" of homosexuality... well the threat of punishment is strongly implied.

That's right -- managers are now required to endorse a sexual practice that most Americans find offensive and immoral.

In fact, they are required to do a whole list of pro-homosexual displays.

They are now required to:

* Display "gay pride" symbols in their office.

* Attend homosexual "DOJ Pride" events, and to encourage their employees to attend as well.

* Become "straight allies" of the Homosexual Lobby.

* Endorse special homosexual rights, such as the Gay Bill of Special Rights, in the work place.

* Promote special homosexual-only opportunities, and to request additional pro-homosexual training for their departments.

This is not the first pro-homosexual step the Justice Department has taken. In fact, they have a track-record a mile long.

Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder threatened a college unless they allowed sexual deviants to use whatever restroom they choose, while refusing to prosecute a known child prostitution ring with ties to the Homosexual Lobby.

And that summer, the DOJ treated the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center -- a rabidly pro-homosexual lobby group -- to lavish treatment and privileges.

And the Solicitor General's Office -- a department within the DOJ responsible for defending our nation's laws --unconstitutionally sided against the Defense of Marriage Act before the Supreme Court this past spring.

Of course, the Justice Department isn't the only branch of Obama's government attacking Christianity and morality in order to promote the Homosexual Agenda.

Obama has appointed Mikey Weinstein -- an avowed enemy of Christianity -- to draft new policies of "religious tolerance" for the Pentagon.

The Pentagon already released a statement banning all forms of evangelism in the ranks on pain of court martial.

Obama seems to have thrown Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion right out the window in his government."