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EUGENE DELGAUDIO: "JAIL KATE" AS EXAMPLE FOR OTHER CHILD MOLESTERS....... Many In News Media Help Homosexual Child Molesting Lobby In Attacking Children

Repost from June 7 2013

FreeKate Insanity Intensifies: Is Teen Lesbian the Rosa Parks of Jailbait?

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says "Just change the name Kaitlyn to Kevin, or Jim, or Mr. Jones, and there would be absolutely no question about this matter. The thousands of grass roots homosexual lobbyists in every major city scream out that Kaitlyn is different from the rest of us becuase she's homosexual. No, she is not different, she is not above the law."

The homosexual lobby condones sex with children in the loudest voice and major news media reports the chanting as "legitimate".

Robert Stacy McCain on says "Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt's prosecution for having sex with a 14-year-old girl has, as I reported last week, made the Florida teenager a cause celebre of the gay-rights movement."

Since the 18-year-old ex-cheerleader rejected a plea bargain on charges of lewd and lascivious conduct - it is a felony under Florida law for an adult to have sex with anyone under 16 - officials in Indian River County have braced themselves for the potential of a trial that could become a worldwide media circus. The Sheriff's Office, charged with security at the courthouse in Vero Beach, is reportedly "having conversations about what a new security plan will look like if there's protestors and a crush of media."

According to the Feb. 16 arrest affidavit, Hunt admitted to having sex in a school toilet stall with the 14-year-old, a freshman teammate on the Sebastian High School varsity girls basketball squad. Such sordid details don't seem to matter to those who've bought into the "Free Kate" narrative of Hunt as an innocent victim of homophobia, being prosecuted for a "schoolgirl crush" or a "high-school romance."

To say that liberal media coverage of Hunt has been "favorable" is to say that the Sistine Chapel ceiling depicts a favorable image of God. Last week, Hunt was featured on NBC's Today show, and was also the subject of a sympathetic segment from CNN, which showed a tearful Kaitlyn as the victim of an "outrageous" prosecution for a "mistake."

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Note about this repost: this is a repost.

Public Advocate fights the Homosexual Lobby propaganda machine solicitations directed to children and believes the adding of the two words "sexual orientation" to any civil rights laws also opens up protections for pedophiles and other "rights" (polygamy, incest and more).

Michigan Homosexual rights blogs and one major Michigan news organization deny that homosexuals want rights for pedophiles and other child molestors. So Public Advocate is reposting internationally known reports showing the efforts of homosexual lobby leaders to recruit children.