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Eugene Delgaudio "Men and Women Are Diverse, Same Sex Is Redundant"

Eugene Delgaudio "Men and Women Are Diverse, Same Sex Is Redundant"

Writer says "Celebrate your diversity, Heterosexuals!"

Joan Richardson on American Thinker says:"Heterosexual marriage is the most diverse binary sexual relationship that Nature can provide. Two people of the opposite sex, equipped with wildly divergent anatomy, sexual responses, hormones, brain function and role expectations are expected to learn to cooperate with, understand, and learn to love one another."

Although lesbians and gays like to think of themselves as the bastions of sexual diversity, in fact the opposite is true. After all, what is diverse about two men in a relationship or two women in a relationship? How difficult is the sexual adjustment when both parties have the same attractions and sexual response patterns? How difficult is the living adjustment when you both leave the toilet seat up? Homosexual pairings are really just redundancy enshrined.

Think about it: heterosexuals need to learn to have an affinity for someone whose sexual preference is just the opposite of their own. A woman has to learn to respond sexually to a person who has a completely different set of attractions than she does. She is attracted to men, but is in a relationship with a person who has the opposite attraction -- for women. What a feat of tolerance and celebration of diversity!

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