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Eugene Delgaudio Condemns Persecution of Christians ..... Ohio City Attempts To Force Homosexuality On Catholic Church


Some really professonially stupid people are always surprised by the blindingly obvious.

Liberals in Columbus, Ohio, declares "We are stupid by profession and you are required to be stupid with us or face fines and imprisonment."

In this case, a Catholic school teacher seems startled that the Catholic Church holds a dim view of homosexuality.

And a entire city is pretending to be moronic as well.

Lifesite reports "Furor over gay teacher's firing may pit city of Columbus against Roman Catholic diocese"

The firing of a teacher at Bishop Watterson Catholic High School after it was learned she was involved in a long-term homosexual relationship may pit the Catholic diocese against a Columbus city ordinance barring employers from discriminating based on sexuality.

Gym instructor Carla Hale, 57, was fired last week after an anonymous parent wrote the Diocese of Columbus to complain because in an obituary for Hale's mother, Hale was listed as a survivor alongside her longtime lesbian partner, Julie.

Hale signed a morality clause as part of her contract, affirming that "Catholic school personnel are expected to be examples of moral behavior and professionalism," and acknowledging her employment could be terminated for "immorality" or "serious unethical conduct." Because the Roman Catholic Church holds homosexual behavior to be gravely immoral, the Diocese of Columbus found her to be in violation of her contract, and fired her.

Now, Hale wants her job back. She has filed a grievance with the teachers' union, and her lawyer, Thomas Tootle, told the Columbus Dispatch that if Hale's union grievance does not succeed, her next step will be to sue under the city's anti-discrimination law.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says "Whatever happened to the idea of a contract being read before everyone signed it? What's more, why does Ms. Hale WANT to continue working for an organization which officially disapproves of her lifestyle and personal choices? Shouldn't things be placed in terms of her violating the moral conduct clause of her contract?"

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