Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio: 7th District Differs with 10th District Over Right To Live Christian Values Daily-- says they are protected

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says "Its down to a handful of lawyers fighting in the respective circuit courts to prevent President Obama and his anti-family mob from crushing religious values in every Chrstian-owned company. Its headed again to the Supreme Court where there is at least a forum for Christians and pro-family groups to reason and put on the record their appeals for allowing moral values."

NRO ONLINE IS REPORTING: "Late yesterday afternoon, the Seventh Circuit granted an emergency injunction against the HHS mandate - preventing its enforcement against an Illinois business and its owners. My (NRO author) colleagues at the ACLJ represent Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc., a family-owned, full-service construction contractor. The company is located in Highland, Ill., and employs about 90 workers.

The brief opinion is worth a read in its entirety, but two parts stand out. First, the court disagreed with the Tenth Circuit's recent decision rejecting Hobby Lobby's request for a similar injunction. In a key paragraph the court stated (IN PART)

The religious liberty violation at issue here inheres in the coerced coverage of contraception, abortifacients, sterilization, and related services, not-or perhaps more precisely, not only-in the later purchase or use of contraception or related services. This is exactly right. The mandated coverage exists - regardless of the actions or activities of the individual employees - and it is the mandate that violates the religious liberty of the employer.