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Laura Ingraham Bluntly Explains Romney Is Big Idiot Who Stood for NOTHING ......To "Blind" Ann Coulter!

Ann Coulter was pushing liberal moderates in the Republican party this year while attacking liberals in the Democratic Party.

That was the entire last 12 months. She even stooped to cheer and frequently express
deep love for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who ended the election cycle in the arms
of Barack Obama-- NOT ANN COULTER!

Public Advocate noted Coulter's descent when she threw herself in with the homosexual
attacks on pro-family groups at CPAC some time ago.

In this unbelievable on-air discussion, Coulter friend and Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham debate how Mitt Romney lost the election on Ingraham's radio show.

ANN COULTER: I think Romney ran just on his own force of will, a magnificent campaign. I think he was the perfect candidate.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Are you kidding me? You think he ran a magnificent campaign?


INGRAHAM: On what basis are you saying that? He got his clock cleaned.

How did he run a magnificent campaign,

Ann? I can't believe Ann Coulter, who is a truth-teller on issues from the economy to social issues to racial demagoguery is saying that Romney ran a magnificent campaign with Eric Fehrnstrom and Stu Stevens at the helm. How can you possibly conclude that?

Here is the the entire exchange on video

Coulter, Ingraham Debate How Romney Lost The Election