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UN Agencies Ask Brazilian President to Criminalize "Homophobia"

TJulio Severo of Last Days Watchman writes "The Expanded Theme Group on HIV/AIDS in Brazil (GT/UNAIDS), in joint partnership with national and international groups, sent a 16 October letter to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and other Brazilian authorities, requesting priority on efforts to criminalize "homophobia." " Severo further writes:

The letter was signed by GT/UNAIDS and its members: USAID, UNHCR, ILO, UN Women, CDCs, PAHO/WHO, UNDP, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, and UNODC. Other signatories include the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the Human Rights Special Secretariat of the Brazilian Presidency, and ABGLT, the largest homosexualist group in Brazil.

The letter warns about a major AIDS epidemic in Brazil, saying that while HIV affects only 0.6% of the general population, among men that have sex with men the rate is higher: more than 10% of the Brazilian gay community has been plagued by HIV.

The letter explains that the main culprit of the high HIV prevalence among homosexuals is high violence against them and it says that prejudices against homosexuality are a strong hindrance on AIDS prevention programs. As evidence, the letter mentions a 2008 study by the Perseu Abramo Foundation saying that "92% of the Brazilian population recognizes that there is a strong prejudice against homosexuality." Actually, the Brazilian people did not "recognize", but demonstrated it.
In its conclusion, the letter urges the Brazilian government to adopt comprehensive measures to fight "homophobia", including priority and speeding of the voting and approval of PLC 122, the notorious anti-"homophobia" bill produced by the Workers' Party.

PLC 122 makes "homophobic" crimes acts and views against homosexuality, and its approval threatens to bring censorship to leaders and members mentioning anti-sodomy Bible verses even within church buildings. Even high-profile Workers' Party members recognize such a threat.

The administration of Dilma Rousseff and her predecessor, former president Luiz In�cio "Lula" da Silva, made all effort to pass PLC 122 and other homosexualist measures, which were stalled by the effort of Catholics and evangelicals.