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WND: PARENTS IN HANDCUFFS--WHEN 'GAY' RIGHTS TRUMP EVERYBODY ELSE'S 'Parents being told they don't have a say' about homosexuality

World Net Daily reports: "Religious freedom and parental authority are .... endangered, according to (Minnesota for Marriage spokesman Chuck) Darrell. He said the evidence from Canada and states that have legalized homosexual marriage shows tolerance for disagreement evaporating and parents being told they don't have a say in what their kids are taught."


(In Canada) "Once same sex marriage is legalized, then that is what the schools are forced to teach," Darrell explained. "What we're seeing in other states is if parents object to it, if they want to opt their kids out of the class, they've been told no. One father who objected was actually taken out of school in handcuffs and spent the night in jail. In Canada, what we're hearing is that parents are being told you have no right to know what we're teaching your kids about marriage or when we're going to teach it. School bureaucrats are actually beginning to describe themselves as co-parents which is certainly usurping parental authority."

Darrell said free speech is also on the line in this debate. He said traditional marriage supporters already feel intimidated to stay quiet about their beliefs and legalizing same sex marriage will only intensify that political correctness.