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Political Extortion of Money from Christian Innkeepers for Refusing to Host a so-called "Gay Wedding"

This is what is in store for the rest of the country if you pass gay marriage.Vermont is the only state that voted to approve same sex marriage in a referendum.

Vermont was the first state to pass a law allowing same-sex couples to enter into civil unions in 2000. It enacted gay marriage in 2009.

For years, gay rights activists have used the gay rights laws to attack the Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville, Vermont.

There appears to be a public and coordinated effort since 2005 to use the courts and "pro-gay" laws to drive a moral business team, practicing moral beliefs, out of business.

Store owners who simply wish to practice their own religious beliefs and plainly state it as corporate policy have been forced to close and end their business. This Vermont company will no longer sponsor weddings because they are Christians who want to practice their faith.

The AP reports:

"Under the settlement, the inn also agreed it would no longer host weddings and their receptions."

In one case, out of state homosexual activists, from New York, never met the owners but were told by an employee "the company can not help with homosexual weddings" so they sued under the Vermont pro-homosexual marriage law and are collecting $10,000 in civil penalties to a pro-gay rights commission and $20,000 to a pro-gay charity and the company is out of the wedding business.

Sometimes having no room in the inn is the right thing to do, especially if you are a Christian innkeeper who decides to obey your rights of liberty of conscience and not condone what your beliefs consider abominations against your God and faith.


America's criminal gang leader Al Capone never met the self-proclaimed homosexuals who hate Christianity and moral conscience. You would think that such a thing could not happen here in America, but two self-proclaimed lesbians legally attacked a private Christian business, a Vermont Inn, and extorted money against them through a lawsuit purely on the
basis of a business owner practicing their moral faith.

This could mean that more business operations will be open to this now that this legal precedent is established.

In the rest of the country it means that through a " Gay Imposed Inquisition " that self-proclaimed homosexuals and America's courts are pseudo racketeers who can legally extort money from Christians who refuse to cede their property and religious rights.

These self-proclaimed homosexual gangsters are forcing business owners either to condone sin or pay up. Imagine the chaos that will be caused by driving out moral people from business -- all business.

Imagine an America that requires immoral business operators. That's why we mention Al Capone, by comparison.

America has already spoken. So-called "gay marriage" is "legal" in only one state in America by referendum.

Everywhere else so-called "gay marriage" is illegal, and in every single state where it has come up for a vote, so-called "gay marriage" has been voted down -- every single time. It is time for America to take a stand, or the Gay Inquisition and self-proclaimed "Homosexual Gangsters" extorting money will one day come to your business to destroy you financially if you do not abandon your beliefs and conscience.

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