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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio Asks Supporters to Call Michigan State Senate And Georgia House Speaker to Bring Justice For the Victims of the Homosexual Lobby

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio sent a letter to his supporters that said in part the following:

A battle has been playing out in public universities throughout the country over the past two years.

It began when two graduate schools expelled students enrolled in Counselor Education Programs because they had religious beliefs that -- according to the school -- prevented them from effectively counseling homosexuals.

In Georgia, Augusta State University expelled Jennifer Keeton for what administrators deemed as extreme religious beliefs.

Because of her devotion to her beliefs, Keeton refused to take part in remediation courses designed to alter religious beliefs concerning homosexuality.

Around the same time in Michigan, Julea Ward found herself in trouble when she asked her advisor for advice on counseling homosexual students, since it interfered with her religious beliefs.

Ward was immediately expelled from Eastern Michigan University Graduate School without warning.

Keeton and Ward filed appeals with the schools and failed. The girls faced interrogation concerning their religious beliefs during the appeals process.

Once their appeals failed, Keeton and Ward filed lawsuits against their respective schools for violation of constitutional rights.

In both cases, the courts sided with the schools and the radical Homosexual Agenda.

However, Julea Ward won an appeal for a retrial with a jury as well as the right to sue the school for discrimination in federal court.

While the mainstream media has refused to report on these cases, Public Advocate supporters have repeatedly come to their aid.

Together, you and I garnered a tremendous amount of support for Keeton and Ward through petitions, phone calls, direct mail, and email. Thousands of people joined us.

In response to this outcry generated by Public Advocate, the Michigan House of Representatives recently passed the Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act to prevent discrimination against religious students in the future.

However, it is up to you and me to make sure that the bill makes it all the way through the state senate.

Insiders believe that if does pass the Republican-controlled Michigan Senate; Governor Rick Snyder is very likely to sign it into law!

This would be a major victory in the fight to protect our young Christian and pro-family students who can't defend themselves.

We have to demand action right away from the Michigan Senate,

Please call Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and insist that he does everything possible to ensure that they pass the Julea Ward bill.

Randy Richardville: (517) 373-3543

But there is still more to this fight.

Just one week after the Freedom of Conscience passed the Michigan House, a federal judge ruled that Jennifer Keeton deserved to be targeted and expelled for her moral convictions!

It is important that Georgia lawmakers finally work to see that Christian students -- like Ms. Keeton -- are defended from this kind of discrimination and harassment in their state.

So please, call Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston and demand that the Georgia House take up their own version of the Freedom of Conscience bill in defense of Jennifer Keeton.

David Ralston: (404) 656-5020

Religious freedom and family values are under a relentless assault in American education. You and I must do everything we can to defend this battleground.

Together, we can finally hold the Homosexual Lobby accountable for what their allies did to Julea Ward and Jennifer Keeton.

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