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Video: MSNBC Commedian Rachel Maddow Empathically Endorses Public Advocate

(original post 8-23-12)

(We are approaching the one year anniversary of Public Advocate Vice President Mark Clayton winning, overwhelmingly, the nomination for U.S. Senator for the Democratic Party in 2012 and today is the one year anniversary of Chick-Fil-a day. Both events shocked some in the national news media)

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC discussing "dead" political parties in some states.

She says the Tennesee Democratic Party is "dead" and bemoans "anti-Gay" (sic) candidate Mark Clayton and Public Advocate.


....we 're talking about the U.S. Senate......this democrat
the anti-gay Conspiracy theorist won the Senate race...(quotes mark Clayton)...this
new Democratic Senate candidate is also the vice-president of a super duper
anti-gay organization with this crazy website that made
my eyes burn from clicking through it quickly, I will save you from the indignity of that...........--- not only did he win but he won it by a lot... the group was labeled a "anti-gay hate group".

Thank you Rachel Maddow.