Defending the family

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New Mental Condition? "Asexuals - the fourth sexual orientation"

For those innocent pro-family types who do not pay attention to the political elites it can be bewildering.

We know about man and wife. That's God's law.

Then there's all sorts of other practices which seek special laws.

Now there's "Asexuals - the fourth sexual orientation"

Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. officially does not feel there is a real serious effort grounded in reality.

Could the studies be describing "celibacy"? Please forgive our hope and innocent prayer.

Here is the report from the "independent" left wing publication:

"A book published in the UK next month claims such men and women, an estimated 1 per cent of the population, should be recognised as a fourth sexual orientation - asexuals.

Professor Anthony Bogaert's book, Understanding Asexuality, argues that a growing number of people consider themselves asexual. He believes asexual people are "an under-studied population" who can feel excluded from our "very sexualised culture". He said our society, "can place expectations on both sexual and asexual people, but particularly asexual people"."

the complete report