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Tennessee Volunteer for Public Advocate Saga Continues: Federal lawsuit filed to overturn Mark Clayton nomination

The fourth place candidate in the recent Tennessee Democratic party primary, Larry Crim,
has filed a federal law suit to claim that his placement "2nd on the ballot" gave the "lst candidate on the ballot" a favorable placement and that Mark Clayton should not have been there and deprived him, the fourth place finisher, a sure win had he been "first" on the ballot.

The extremist leftists that run the Tennessee Democratic party -- and who condemned the first place finisher Mark Clayton-- called the federal lawsuit as "frivolous".

The Free Republic reports:

A federal judge will consider Thursday whether to stop Tennessee from certifying the vote in this month's U.S. Senate Democratic primary election.

The attorney who filed the suit, Michael Rowan, said on Monday, "I find it a travesty that (Democratic Party Chairman) Chip Forrester certifies him (Mark Clayton) to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate as a Democratic candidate, and then literally before lunch the next day goes out and berates this man," Rowan said.

"And all he did was try to do what he could do for America," he said of Clayton.

The law suit "is a different matter" and he was defending Clayton as a fellow countryman who served in the U.S. military.

David Oatney with the Examiner says:

The candidate with the most votes wins the primary under Tennessee law, and if the Democratic Party kept all candidates on the ballot past the withdrawal deadline, the verdict of the voters of their own party needs now to be respected rather than "disavowed" or thrown out in court.