Defending the family

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Despite Ryan: Watch Out For Adult Homosexuals Devouring Platform At Republican Convention

Its a slam dunk at the 2012 Democratic Party convention to endorse same sex marriage and promote many of the explicitly obscene political demands of the Gay Lobby.

But there will also be at least two exclusively homosexual Republican lobbies fighting each other and the pro-family forces at the 2012 Republican Convention also.

Published sources say "On Wednesday, the (pro-gay) Washington Blade reported that Log Cabin would have four members of its organization credentialed to take part in the platform drafting process, which will happen in Tampa, Fla., the week before the Republican National Convention begins in that city.

R. Clarke Cooper, executive director of the organization, said this direct involvement in the platform drafting process was a first for Log Cabin.

But this assertion has been challenged by another gay Republican group that will also have a presence at the convention.

Chris Barron, chief strategist of GOProud, disputed Log Cabin's assertion in an email to the Blade, saying he was "credentialed to attend the platform hearings" when he was Log Cabin's political director in 2004."