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2005 Repost Delgaudio "Told You So": Public Advocate Yanks Roberts Support

Today the Supreme Court announced it would not take up several appeals to defend traditional marriage in the United States. This would require four affirmations out of the 9. Judges Alito, Thomas and Scalia have always been expressively pro-traditional marriage. One judge was a swing vote and one judge, John Roberts, was openly condemned by Public Advocate previously as a "traitor to marriage".


Reporters flocked outside of the Supreme Court this morning as Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio announced at a press conference that the conservative pro-family group would no longer be supporting Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court.

The move comes because as a partner at the law firm Hogan & Hartson Judge Roberts was volunteered to give the free legal advice to the radical homosexual lobby in their successful attempt to use judicial activism to overturn the will of the people of Colorado. The pro-family law that was overturned in Romer v. Evans was passed overwhelmingly by the Colorado voters.

Hogan & Hartson has already pointed out that this service was not at all required of him in his position as a partner at Hogan, but rather was totally voluntary. Judge Roberts has not refuted this.

"His actions not only cast doubt on his support of the American family, but also raise the possibility that Roberts will join the activist wing of the Supreme Court," said Delgaudio. "In Romer vs.. Evans we saw another example of the radical homosexual lobby loosing democratically and having to use the activist Supreme Court to force their agenda on the American people. It is now an unrefuted fact that Judge Roberts actively supported this act of judicial activism.

"It is with regret that Public Advocate must now withdraw its support of Judge Roberts and ask President Bush to withdraw his nomination to the Supreme Court. The American family cannot afford another Kennedy or Souter."

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