Defending the family

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Updated: NBC TV News (Nashville): Public Advocate's Mark Clayton Holds News Conference -Thanks Voters and family, defends Public Advocate

NBC TV News is reporting "Mark Clayton held a news conference at the Metro Courthouse in Nashville Tennessee" today Saturday, August 4, at noon.

According to statements released at the news conference which was attended by several TV News Reporters, Mark Clayton thanked the voters.

A spokesman called for the "immediate resignations of all Democratic Party officials interfering with the federal election in a wrongful manner" and asked for members of the news media to refrain from repeating the lies and misrepresentations made by so-called Party leaders who were ignoring federal prohibitions against this interference in a federal election.


Clayton adamantly disagreed (with allegations he is "too conservative" or affiliated with a "hate group")

NBC TV News Nashville reports "He said, "The stuff about being on the top of the ballot, you wouldn't know it if you followed me around and talked to all the people who voted for me."

The release went on to say Clayton was a member of a hate group in Washington D.C. called the Public Advocate of the United States.

The group is pro-life, pro-marriage and anti-gay according to the party and the Clayton campaign's Facebook page.

At a news conference on Saturday, Clayton confirmed he is the vice president of the group.

"There is no hate group," Clayton told Nashville's News 2. "I have been around Public Advocate for 20 years and we believe that marriage is between a man and a woman."

Despite Clayton's conservative stance on marriage, he maintains that he is a Democrat."

NBC TV News Report (Nashville): Senate Candidate Holds News Conference

updated video and report posted Saturday August 4 9 p.m. CDT