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Eugene Delgaudio Salutes Public Advocate Volunteer, Mark Clayton, Wins Democratic Party Senate Nomination In Tennessee-- Romney and Obama could learn from Clayton!

This is not an endorsement. This is not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate (title for identification only)

August 3rd

Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc.
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August 3, 2012

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate (title for identification only)

The Democratic Party establishment from Tennessee to Washington are in political collapse because a volunteer, with no money, affilated with the non-profit group Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. has fair and square gotten the nomination to be their U.S. Senate nominee in a primary in a major "battleground state".

The liberal crybabies who whine about Mark Clayton's total and complete democratic victory refuse to accept blame for their own failed policies that drove Mark Clayton to a crushing electoral victory.

Only a corrupt and desperate leadership would deny a underfunded Mark Clayton the common decency to represent the people of Tennesee in a free election as the Democratic Party nominee and instead attack a small non-profit group -- Public Advocate.

It also will not help promote Democracy in the world when Democratic Party leaders attack the people of Tennessee as stupid for voting for Mark Clayton. It seems the left in America is attempting to hide their lack of leadership and lack of principle over simple democratic ideals.

Mark Clayton, and his late father, Jack Clayton, have devoted their lives to the fighting for mainstream values and the rule of law and were seldom affiliated with the Republican Party over those many years.

In fact Mark Clayton actively opposed every Republican nominee for President during his adult life.

Like his late father, Mark Clayton also volunteered for Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. for most of his life.

In this recent primary race, the other candidates spent money and got tons of publicity and all of them were favored by the popular wisdom to easily defeat Mark Clayton in the August 2nd primary.

Mark Clayton got 48,000+ votes or 30 per cent and beat his nearest opponent by 24,000 votes.

This is not just a mandate for Mark Clayton. Its a repudiation of all those who attack Public Advocate as not representing the average American-- here 48,000+ Americans voted for a Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. volunteer with no money.

President Obama and Mitt Romney could learn from Mark Clayton.

Mark Clayton demonstrates the simple premise that an American patriot can put his or her name on the ballot and win big as a conservative even in the Democratic Party.

Mark Clayton proves to the world that Public Advocate associates with members of both major parties in a non-partisan fashion and promotes traditional values in both parties. Not bad for a volunteer with no budget.

PA PHOTO CAPTION: Public Advocate volunteer Mark Clayton appears on Nashville Tenn CBS TV News 2 promoting Senate bill 49.

PA POSTING: "Political Unknown Mark Clayton Appears On Nightly News Promoting Tenn. Senate Bill 49 AND defeats Democrats and Republicans equally"


This is not an endorsement of any candidate for party. Not authorized by any candidate or committee.