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Breaking: Vice-President Matt Drudge, or Vice-President Rush Limbaugh, or Vice-President Michael Reagan, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity?

Yes, Matt Drudge as Romney's pick for Vice-president.

When you recieve the phone call from the presumptive nominee of any major party, Democratic or Republican, you have to respect the person making the phone call and most would put aside their objections and consider it.

And if Al Gore, Spiro Agnew, and Joe Biden, three of the most intelligence challenged Vice-presidents could become VP, why not some savvy intelligent nationally popular CONSERVATIVES with millions of loyal fans? (Agnew was a Republican who was drummed out for bribes under the Nixon Administration).

Take a look around you America.

Conservative News sites, commentators, and yes successful nationally active leaders. All on the record available to help the country now.

One at a time there are so many, here's Public Advocate's top ten Real Conservatives for Vice-president of the United States:

1. Matt Drudge.

Never in the history of the world has so many loyal people listened to one conservative 24 hours a day. He's not strictly traditional in any sense but why ignore the obvious deeply held support for one person who works day and night in the public limelight?

7 days a week with TRILLIONS of visits annually. It is part of the liberal mind control that you would not think of Vice-President Matt Drudge.

2. Rush Limbaugh

Electrifies millions mid day with awesome comic portrayals of dozens of ongoing liberal disasters, sometimes while the President is speaking. The only live action media show of its kind with daily drills on how to respond to terrible announcements. Has saved lives on the air with his spontaneous and always brilliant encouragement and genuine faith in God. Vice-President Rush Limbaugh.

3. Michael Reagan

He is not going to dress up in a leotard like Ron Reagan Jr. and go on Saturday night Live.
But Comedy Central would appreciate some of Michael Reagan's frequent broadcast reports at liberal's expense. And he is a Reagan that could carry California again. Vice-president Michael Reagan.

4. Mark Levin

Nightly to millions of listeners, he also has podcasts and facebook. A lawyer who is active in the courts and a former Reagan official who gives free policy and legal and legislative advice to a vast audience of the highest quality possible every night for three hours. Its like listening to George Washington, Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater all at the same time. Everybody listens to Mark Levin so they know what to talk about in the media. Vice-president Mark Levin.

5. Laura Ingraham

Former Reagan official who knows from the inside of government how it operates and tells
Congress daily what to do and is brutally honest. How can she not preside over the U.S. Senate? Vice President Laura Ingraham.

6. Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Constant moral voice opposed and protested by the Homosexual lobby. She is the original
Mom, Apple Pie and American Flag of Radio, set the high standard for publicly condemning immoral behavior from a reasoned academic side and is a consisent and steady moral compass for millions. Vice-president Laura Schlessinger.

7. Ann Coulter

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio dropped Ann Coulter as a potential Supreme Court nominee during an intervew opposing nominee Harriet Meiers, who was dropped a week later. If you want a lawyer who tours the country attacking lawyers why not the fastest and sharpest conservative spokeslady who has flayed most liberals. She has to drop her current dancing with the Log Cabin Club to become Vice-president Ann Coulter.

8. Sean Hannity

He makes the list because he would never want it and works at being humble during his broadcast. Yet somehow he manages to verbally destroy the most obnoxious liberals during fierce open ended debates while being extremely polite.

And he hosts verbal slugfests regularly. During the Republican Presidential campaigns he fiercely stayed neutral. Vice-president Sean Hannity.

9. Joe Farah

If Matt Drudge makes this list due to his audience, you have to include the older wiser and tactically experienced Joseph Farah, the man who runs World Net Daily. A pro-family traditional conservative with deeply held moral values who has held the feet of the liberals to the fire of truth. He has set the standard and along with Drudge have dominated the internet for a decade. If you think Matt Drudge is too young (we do not) then lets go with Vice-President Joseph Farah.

10 . Chuck Norris

Online and ontime he is physically in shape to speak directly to liberal lies and has been involved in national elections for some time. Last week he tore up the national news media taking on President Obama over his abuse of the Boy Scouts of America through his proxy liberal on the BSA board. There are a thousand great stories and for the longest time Chuck Norris has maintained a conservative legend.