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Romney Has A Chance with these Conservatives for Vice President in November 2012

Romney Has A Chance with these Conservatives for VP

If Mitt Romney picks any of these conservative leaders, he will win in November.

Bobby Jindal-- two term Governor of Louisiana, minority and Roman Catholic and briliant by all standards and prepared to be president should he need to be, which is why we have a VP.

Mary Fallin--Oklahoma Governor who signed two bills into state law: One bans abortions after 20 weeks and the other would prevent health insurers from covering abortions under Obama's health care law.

Marco Rubio - clearly the most dynamic of the conservatives with wild enthusiasm that jumps off the charts with a righteousness reserved for only the most deserving.

Sarah Palin- still has more punch than most men even as a former Governor. As a VP candidate she ran the board without breaking a sweat.

Paul Ryan-- he has dominated the budget debate and has a plan that everyone agrees makes sense. With a national spotlight he could help turn the country around with his grasp of economic management.

Ron Paul-- he's a crowd pleaser that will sweep college campuses and confound statists and socialists and can you see Ron Paul debating Joe Biden?

Rand Paul-- does not seek the VP but has been right up there with the name recognition of his father in just 18 months and why exactly do we push only Bush family members in the GOP?

Tim Pawlenty Not really a firebrand or dynamic. Just kept his promise to reduce spending, not raise taxes and made multi-billion dollar CUTS as Minnesota Governor. He opposes same-sex marriage and civil unions. He would like to reinstate "Don't ask, don't tell" should he become president. Answering a question from talk radio host Bryan Fischer, he replied, "... I have been a public supporter of maintaining Don't Ask, Don't Tell and I would support reinstating it as well".

McCain had him on the short list for VP but he was attempting to pick a real conservative as we all know to balance his (McCain's) goofy brand of self-loathing liberalism.

Jim DeMint would restore conservative hope overnight. He is the most trusted of all U.S. Senators for the longest time.

Michele Bachmann solid thoughtful Tea Party stalwart with tested media exposure.

Allen West constant intelligent frontline anti-Obama spokesman on a broad front who has confronted every liberal in the limelight of primetime a thousand times and won.

Rick Santorum proved you can run hard and take on the establishment with no money and even after losing a Senate seat almost become President. He scared Romney and if Romney does not respect this he's not as smart as he seems. An American comeback kid in the mold of a political Rocky from Pennslyvania. He's still got some rounds to go.