Defending the family

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Mitt Romney loses the 2012 election if he picks these candidates for Vice President

If Mitt Romney picks any of these people for VP he will lose the November election:

Newt Gingrich (too many wives and changes in positions plus believes in a City on the Moon )

Rick Perry (can't remember even 3 federal agencies to eliminate)

Chris Christie (he looks and sounds like a street fighter in an giant conservatives suit, very uncomfortable, and is pro-gay rights but listens to pro-family side in past, just seems okay for NJ Governor really)

Jon Huntsman (probably better as a diplomat to Guam, believes in Climate Change, is pro-gay and pro-abortion)

Jeb Bush ( this is not a monarchy no matter how much you like the Bushes and even Bush Sr. has more snap today)

Bob McDonnell (he cheered the judicial appointment of an openly homosexual judge who has a "gay mate" who signed a Judicial form claiming to be married under Virginia law and who appeared on national television as a gay activist and after the Republican General Assembly rejected him).

Condoleezza Rice-- said nothing about Obama trashing the world past 3 years.

While in appointed office made sure to assert her pro-abortion beliefs in the national media the
entire time as a federal official while carrying out George Bush's foreign policy. Never ran for anything at any time in her entire political experience.

Rob Portman of Ohio makes Howard Taft look attractive by comparison, helped Bush push up the national debt as head of the Office of Management and Budget under Bush.