Defending the family

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Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio "Why 'Chief Justice Roberts' is a Mistake for Bush and Conservatives" (2005)

In a widely distributed and lengthy commentary, Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio, made the then lonely case that Roberts was the wrong choice for placement on the Supreme Court:

As the Roberts confirmation hearings loom, the vast majority of the conservative movement has lined up squarely behind the nominee. Once again they seem to blindly trust a Republican president to appoint an originalist to the Court. However, Public Advocate of the United States, the national pro-family group I lead, has taken the difficult (but necessary) step of opposing his nomination to the Court and especially to the position of Chief Justice.

The problem with Roberts is not that his work on behalf of the homosexual lobby in the Romer case proves that he is going to be another Souter - it's that it doesn't prove he's not going to be.

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