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Public Advocate Asks: Why do Turley and Sandusky share the national headlines on the Same Day? Both must be stopped!

Recently a low life corporate executive James Turley managed to infiltrate and obtain a seat on the board of directors of the BSA has called for allowing adult homosexuals to gain access to America's young men.

Here we have a so-called "reputable" business executive claiming that young boys need to be exposed to adult homosexuals.

James Turley, you make Barney Frank look reputable by comparison.

With Congressman Frank, he is our loyal opposition and he designs public legislation which we oppose and fight out in the open.

At least he, Congressman Frank, does not have the stupidity and lack of character to attempt to gain a seat on the Boy Scouts of America and then use that position to bombard the national airwaves.

You would think you would have to work hard to get an unfavorable comparision to Congressman Frank here at Public Advocate but with James Turley it seems effortless on his part. He's that bad.


We here at Public Advocate don't know how James Turley wormed his way onto a non-profit board devoted to moral youth leadership but we imagine fundraising and donor acquisition for a large non-profit with a big misssion sometimes makes a mistake with a member of their board recruitment. This is one of those understandable mistakes.

ON THE SAME DAY THAT JERRY SANDUSKY many victims and many crimes are being revealed in the courtroom and in the national media,this media bright light-- this international jet setter-- comes and advocates the wholesale attack on our nation's children.

The entire Sandusky problem is caused by puting the wrong kind of people in a position of authority over young boys-- or girls for that matter.

As pointed out methodically in our court briefs (see links below) almost all homosexuals have their first homosexual encounter prior to graduation from high school.

If young men can get out of high school without a homosexual attack than they can be normal.

That's documented in every major study and is in our legal arguments to keep adult homosexuals out of the Boy Scouts.

Along with hundreds of criminal cases illustrating the attack patterns in every major city on the public record as documented in Public Advocate's legal briefs before the Supreme Court.


James Turley has to stand as the worst timed "political play" of the last decade. This obvious trial balloon of "let's allow young boys to become victims at the mercy of predators" must be shot down for the lunacy it is.

But don't expect the national news media to note the irony.

Or maybe its just as well. As it makes Public Advocate's case that the Boy Scouts are under attack by the same people -- yes we are talking about the LIBERALS in the news media-- that brought you the Jerry Sandusky problem in the first place.

The same day that an uncontrollable serial pedophile's detailed assaults and physical attacks on a dozen young men is revealed in lurid and horrifying reports on an hourly basis-- James Turley pontificates with his disgusting aloft manner that the Boy Scouts of America should open up, once again, its legions of fresh victims that are presently protected.

Public Advocate is the only political organization in America that documented in a public fashion through it's legal briefs the methodology of the attacks on young boys and how the homosexual lobby resists and, yes, reverses, this defense against them. They simply decriminalize the act of perversion and claim its discrimination. Law enforcement is charged with "opposing educating and advocating non-judgemental behavior".

And of course there's every major police and law enforcement agency still attempting to prevent wholesale attacks on young boys. Many law enforcement agenices still ignore the "sensitivity" issue when jailing child molestors.

But there are law enforcement agencies that no longer track adult attackers on young men but still have public criminal court records from the time that they did prosecute these crimes. These are major cities by the way like New York where public employees who are charged with sex abuse stay on the payroll for years in a "rubber room" where they report and just read the newspaper or play cards.


Public Advocate has filed legal briefs before the Supreme Court explaining that young men who manage not to be attacked by adult male homosexuals up to their graduation of high school become normal hetrosexual males and raise a family.

In nearly every case documented by Public Advocate, older adult homosexuals attack young men during high school and earlier in order to turn them to becoming homosexuals. This is documented in clinical studies in our legal brief before the Supreme court.

Public Advocate's petition stage brief
Public Advocate's merits brief

(WARNING: these Supreme Court legal briefs, prepared by Public Advocate are graphic but accurate documentation of the wholesale and systematic assault on young boys by the homosexual criminals in the United States over the years.)

James Turley, CEO of Ernst and Young, is an international figure with tremendous riches to offer the much smaller non-profit Boy Scouts of America and he has captured world wide media attention.


One such "fan" of James Turley is slimeball Perez Hilton --who attacks Miss America and all Christian women-- and says of Turley: "its heartwarming" that Turley wants adult homosexuals to be able to lead massive assaults on young boys in the BSA.

He is using his riches and his media power and his tremendous political power from the inside to destroy the boy scouts and to pressure them.



Our membership as one must reach the Boy Scouts of America corporate offices and tell them we are in support of them and that they should remove this man from the board of directors of BSA in order to prevent his continued access to America's young men.

Please tell the BSA corporate offices since James Turley feels "the BSA membership policy (on homosexuals) is not one I would personally endorse" and since Turley "intends on continuing to work within the BSA to change the policy against homosexuals" then they should remove him for violating the terms of office and to undermine the purpose of the BSA to raise young boys of moral character.

Please call BSA headquarters and tell them you support the current ban on homosexuals and agree that adult homosexuals should be allowed to assault young boys. Ask for James Turley's removal from access to young boys. Do it now. Their reputation is being hurt and the prospect of children being allowed to be assaulted as a matter of policy is to be condemned and no amount of money or donations from the likes of Turley can make up for their loss of reputation.

BSA Corporate HQ

Rex Tillerson, President, BSA
Robert Mazzuca, Chief Executive BSA
National Office. Boy Scouts of America
1325 Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079. Irving, Texas 75015-2079



Please call the corporate offices of Ernst and Young -- a global empire with a 38 story building US corporate HQ in the USA and 700 offices worldwide. Ernst and Young is an auditing firm-- BOOKKEEPING-- that is supposed to promote "high standards" but its top executive is now pushing adult homosexuals upon young boys in the USA.

Tell them "CEO Turley should resign as CEO and leave the auditing industry as his actions to attack the Boy Scouts of America brings doubt to the integrity of the supposed indpendence of Ernst and Young firm worldwide.

Ernst & Young National Headquarters

5 Times Square, 7th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Streets
New York, NY 10036-6527

PHone 212-773-3000

A public relations contact, "PR Director Charles Perkins" for FIRMWIDE ISSUES for the office of the president is Office: +1 212 773 2418



Please tell selected clients about this attack on the Boy Scouts of America and your reaction to it.

Tell them to fire Ernst and Young as their accountant firms until they stop using their company's money to attack young men and straighten out and leave the Boy Scouts alone.

Here are 2 companies that should feel the heat of having Ernst and Young as their accounting firm.

For a complete list of clients who use Ernst and Young go to

Public Advocate asks you to contact just these two to start:

Dominos Pizza uses Ernest and Young
Domino's Pizza
J. Patrick Doyle CEO

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106
(734) 930-3030

to send domino's an email-- go online at this address

International Greetings USA uses Ernst and Young.

Chairman John Charlton

Chief Executive Officer Paul Fineman
International Greetings USA uses Ernst and Young
they sell greetings cards and stationary products including Disney and Simpsons themes.
and gift wrapping, crackers, gifts and bags.

3 Ravinia Drive Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
(770) 551-9727
thats 800 443-4429
[email protected]