Defending the family

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Anti-Delgaudio and Anti-Public Advocate Groups On the Rise

"Please give to us so we can stop Public Advocate," says one leftist group.

Another: "Eugene Delgaudio is at it again" goes the 1,000th blog post.

As they advertise or promote their websites, and collect revenue some newspapers and other political causes try to fundraise using our name.

Remember that they are just fighting Public Advocate and calling on others to "fight Public Advocate."

All the while we are in a dozen states promoting winning referendums for the family, garnering support for regulatory action and preparing for Supreme Court hearings.

If you are here on this site because of an attack on Public Advocate, please give us the benefit of the doubt and take to heart we are a long time fixture on the social conservative side of things here in Washington and around the country.

And if you are just visiting because (shudder) we emailed you and you want to know more about us, please stay a while and check out the thousands of articles.