Defending the family

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Sandra Fluke wants YOUR tax dollars funding sex changes. Rush Limbaugh Hit A Nerve.

Long-time liberal activist and media created law school student victim Sandra Fluke thinks that is appropriate for your tax dollars to fund anybody that feels they need a sex change. Not doing so amounts to discrimination in her eyes of the LGBT community.

President Obama's embrace of her merely proves he is behind her agenda and is responsible for the entire war against traditional values in America and the world. The Obama administration is the anti-family administration of the century.

Rush Limbaugh is the hero who is at the front lines of this battle and who advanced the pro-family agenda in a frank and open public discussion. His reward for opening a discussion about the complete and total propaganda machine of the anti-family hysteria that controls our media is to be "condemned" by the self-serving anti-family forces in wall to wall condemnation.

Truth be told, Sandra Fluke is a 30 year old long-time liberal activist that only enrolled at Georgetown University to scheme her way into getting the school to pay for students' birth control.

Fluke actually co-authored an article last year entitled "Employment Discrimination Against LGBT Persons."

In this so-called academic article Fluke and Karen Hu argue that transgender individuals suffer discrimination from employer because their sex changes are considered elective surgeries and are therefore not covered.

Concerned Americans, Public Advocate will herald this story because the liberal media refuse to report this. Sandra Fluke is not fighting for birth control; she is ultimately fighting for government sponsored and eventually "mandated" gender mutilation.

She is also making sure that your child's college costs will go up to support the lifestyle of a certain group of people's sexual indulgences.

Public Advocate has always promised to stand by genuine moral and pro-family values and will never waiver .

Please stand with Public Advocate as we support traditional families' interests. And we continue to fight against the extremism being pushed by the likes of Sandra Fluke and her allies in the homosexual lobby and the liberal media.