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Delgaudio In Nashville Again. Tennessee Governor Comes Out Of Political Gay Closet? Gov. Halsem Appears to Endorse "Mandatory Homosexualist Indoctrination"

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has sent an "Action Request" to 100,000 members including thousands in Tennessee today.

Delgaudio asks: "Call Tennesee Governor Bill Haslem at 615-741-2001 and tell him like I have told him: buck up, stop dithering around, and sign the bill to protect children when the Tennessee House passes it and to stop stalling the bill with sabatoge and obstruction.

Call liberal Tenn. Representative Bill Dunn at his office phone (615) 741-1721 and email Rep. Dunn at [email protected] and tell him, like I have told him, we are on to his sabatoging ways and that we oppose and condemn his efforts to allow adult homosexual propagandists to have their way with Tennesee and America's children."

Background on Current Situation in Tennesee Threatens Children In Every State

After nearly two months of delaying tactics, Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslem is now on record for his shenanigans to beat TN Senator Campfield's "Don't teach gay" bill which protects small children, grades K-8, from Mandatory Homosexualist Indoctrination (MHI).

If successful in defeating pro-family Senator Campfield, Governor Haslem will join Californication Governor Jerry Brown, who recently signed MHI into law for all grade levels. Why Governor Haslem, who passes himself as a conservative, should not be hiding in the closet but should be defending Tennessee children.

Source for this statement -- (californication law)

Public Advocate and our supporters are already fighting Barney Frank's Homosexual Classrooms Act, and right now the Campfield "don't teach gay" bill is the only thing which tangibly preempts Barney Frank's tricks while standing in the way of keeping Mandatory Homosexual Classrooms out of Tennessee at the same time.

Govenor Haslem Exposes Himself As Pro-homosexual Staller?

A genuine self-proclaimed conservative governor would jump at the chance to support the Campfield "Don't teach gay" bill after it passed the Senate by a whopping 2 to 1 margin. But no! --and this was hard for us to believe too if we had not seen it all for ourselves on Tennesssee's Capitol Hill-- Governor Haslem, himself, after months of sneaking and hiding behind the scenes to delay the bills progress, is now amassing a giant behind-the-scenes effort on the Tennessee Capitol to lobby AGAINST the Campfield bill, AGAINST the protection of small children from perverted agendas and sick pro-homosexual propagandists, and AGAINST the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Tennessee parents.

"Governor Haslem Comes Out of Closet" News Source

Representative Bill Dunn Betrays His Constituents', Tennessee citizens' and America's children.

But in a move which is certain to shock parents across Tennessee -- indeed the nation and the world -- Governor Haslem has personally recruited Republican Representative Bill Dunn of Knoxville to ad so-called "amendments" in committee which COMPLETELY REVERSE THE ENTIRE INTENT CAMPFIELD BILL AND REMOVES PROTECTION FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN FROM HOMOSEXUALIST PROPAGANDA!!!

Representative Dunn's amendments make provision for Mandatory Homosexualist Indoctrination for grades K-8 -- and I know that it is hard to believe -- but that is not only what the "amendments" say reportedly also WHAT REPRESENTATIVE DUNN IS SAYING OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH. ""People are saying that people can't talk [to K-8 children about homosexualist propaganda]," he said. "This [Dunn's "amendments"] says, yes, they can,"

Representative Dunn's so-called amendments make an exception to the proposal in the cases of "any instructor", "school councilor", or "nurse or other authorized employee" -- pretty much everybody!!! In other words, the Campfield bill would protect small children from perverted sex topics but the Dunn "amendments" would make an exception for anyone to override the bill. Well somebody should ask Representative Dunn -- why pass the bill in the first place if his so-called "amendments" negate the entire intent of the protecting small children.

Source for Dunn Betrayal of Children

Public Advocate has met with, Representative Joey Hensley, the House sponsor of the Campfield "don't teach gay" bill. Dr. Hensley is steadfast in his resolve, along with the majority of the Tennessee Senate, that this bill WILL GO TO GOVERNOR HASLEM. The bottom line is that a majority of Tennesseans do not want homosexual curriculum in their schools, and the bill has already passed the Tennessee house by an overwhelming 2 to 1 margin.

Governor Haslem: Get Out of Bed with Gay Lobby!

Governor Haslem needs to follow the visionary leadership of Senator Campfield and the courageous example of Representative (Doctor) Hensely and stop skulking around behind the scenes and being a coward.

Public Advocate will be delivering to all members of the legislature and the governor this message as well as as a letter condemning Representative Dunn's so-called "amendments" as well as Governor Haslem's cowardice and skulking behind the scenes at the expense of the safety of our children. The letter will also detail that the Tennessee Senate's visionary passage of the saves Tennessee from Californication MHI laws as well as Barney Frank's National Homosexual Classrooms Act.

To write letters, visit or email Haslam or Dunne, here are details.

Office of Governor Bill Haslam
1st Floor, State Capitol
Nashville, TN 37243
Primary (615) 741-2001

Rep. Bill Dunn
District 16 Part of Knox County

5309 LaVesta Road
Knoxville, TN 37918
Phone (865) 687-4904
nashville address

301 6th Avenue North
Suite 115 War Memorial Building
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone (615) 741-1721
Fax (615) 253-0276
[email protected]

PARTIAL TEXT OF PUBLIC ADVOCATE LETTER HAND-DELIVERED THURSDAY FEBRUARY 23 to the members of the House of Representatives in Nashville, Tennessee

PASS Campfield Bill Prohibit Obscene Advocacy To Children

STOP the California-styled National Homosexual Classrooms ACT

By Hand Delivery: Letter To Tennessee Senate --

Dear Representative,

Thank you for your visionary leadership protecting Tennessee children from Californication. Just months after the Campfield bill passed the Senate, Mandatory Homosexualist Indoctrination (MHI) passed in California, proving Senator Campfield and the 2 to 1 Senate majority which passed his bill right -- that protection against MHI is necessary for Tennessee schools.

The new California law, certain to meet its eventual demise, enforces Homosexualism upon ALL California kindergarten through middle school children against the wishes of their parents while prohibiting any truthful alternative view --reflecting adversely -- upon homosexuals, thereby promoting homosexualist ideology against and above the wishes, religions, and consciences of most families.

Supporters of Public Advocate in Tennessee urge you to stand firm in your decision to support the House version of the Campfield bill despite the vituperation and obscenities of the homosexualist groups outside who believe that Tennesseans should abandon individual conscience simply to promote only one minority point of view.

Public Advocate is also working hard to protect America from passage of the National Homosexual Classrooms Act, Barney Frank's federal version of the California bill. Thank you again for supporting the Campfield legislation as your support not only protects Tennessee children but also takes a big step in preempting national MHI. Without your support for children this year, the Homosexual Classrooms Act could easily have sneaked into Tennessee as one of Barney Frank's final surprise attacks. Passage of the Campfield bill sends a strong message to Washington that the National Homosexual Classrooms Act is not going to fly with mainstream Americans and that Tennessee is not going to let Barney Frank and California force MHI on the our children and rob them of their innocence. " (end of partial text of Letter to House members, Tenn.)