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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio Delivers Letter To Entire Tennessee House of Representatives Today

A letter signed by Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate was hand-delivered to each office of the House of Representatives of Tennesee Wednesday, February 1.

Some House Members tore up the letter. Some hailed it. All read it.

Text of Letter Follows:

PASS Campfield Bill Prohibit Obscene Advocacy To Children
STOP the California-styled National Homosexual Classrooms ACT

By Hand Delivery: Letter To Tennessee House--

Thank you for your visionary leadership protecting Tennessee children from Californication. Just months after the Campfield bill passed the Senate, Mandatory Homosexualist Indoctrination (MHI) passed in California, proving Senator Campfield and the 2 to 1 Senate majority which passed his bill right - that protection against MHI is necessary for Tennessee schools.

The new California law, certain to meet its eventual demise, enforces Homosexualism upon ALL California kindergarten through middle school children against the wishes of their parents while prohibiting any truthful alternative view -reflecting adversely- upon homosexuals, thereby promoting homosexualist ideology against and above the wishes, religions, and consciences of most families.

Supporters of Public Advocate in Tennessee urge you to stand firm in your decision to support the House version of the Campfield bill despite the vituperation and obscenities of the homosexualist groups outside who believe that Tennesseans should abandon individual conscience simply to promote only one minority point of view.

Public Advocate is also working hard to protect America from passage of the National Homosexual Classrooms Act, Barney Frank's federal version of the California bill. Thank you again for supporting the Campfield legislation as your support not only protects Tennessee children but also takes a big step in preempting national MHI. Without your support for children this year, the Homosexual Classrooms Act could easily have sneaked into Tennessee as one of Barney Frank's final surprise attacks. Passage of the Campfield bill sends a strong message to Washington that the National Homosexual Classrooms Act is not going to fly with mainstream Americans and that Tennessee is not going to let Barney Frank and California force MHI on the our children and rob them of their innocence"

End of Letter and Statement