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Attack On Conservative Senator Campfield shows Campfield goes "into the very devil's mouth"

Examiner writer David Oatney defends Senator Stacy Campfield.

"The reality is that the Left are the purveyors of the dictatorship of relativism.

You must believe as they do and embrace the moral relativism which they have spent the past half-century or more watering down our society with, or otherwise you are unworthy to be treated as a citizen. Dignity then, to the Left, applies only to those who embrace the twisted moral and social universe which the Left has created.

Each time a liberal activist has Stacey on their radio or television show in some cheap attempt to berate him, it ends up making Stacey Campfield appear as though he were Daniel deliberately going into the lions' den, or David going up against Goliath of Gath on purpose

-it is Campfield who looks to his conservative electorate like the man of courage willing to go into the very devil's mouth to take on the political Left."