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Eugene Delgaudio Tells America: Girl Scouts Sell Out Girls To Homosexual Lobby

Eugene Delgaudio Tells America: Girl Scouts Sell Out Girls To Homosexual Lobby

Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate said in a recent letter to supporters:

(Quote) "The radical homosexuals have found out that their (insane) scheme for the Girl Scouts of America will not go unopposed. In fact, the lid has been blown off their whole operation.

.... Public Advocate has been leading the effort to prevent the inclusion of boys into the Girl Scouts ranks.

It all started in Colorado when young Bobby Montoya's mother demanded that he be allowed to participate in his local Girl Scouts, including going on camping trips and sharing sleeping spaces with the girls.

And her only justification for his inclusion: He likes to wear skirts.

Despite the decision of the local troop leaders to turn him away for obvious reasons, the higher ups overrode them, forced his inclusion, and set a new standard for the Girl Scouts nationwide:

If any minor claims to be a girl they must be allowed to join.

There is no way of knowing how many girls could be hurt by this new policy!

Well let me tell you, the leadership thought they could get this radical change implemented nation-wide without making a peep, but this was actually the last straw.

You see, for years now the Girls Scouts of America have been secretly in bed with the worst of the worst in the radical liberal lobby.

Planned Parenthood, the Homosexual Lobby, and the United Nations. The national leadership for Girl Scouts of America works with them all.

But Public Advocate sounded the alarm and the fight has been on ever since.

Now concerned parents and young ladies in the Girl Scouts are fighting back against their leadership's out-of-touch proclamations.

Three troops in Louisiana completely disbanded rather than allow boys to masquerade as girls in their ranks.

And now a new group, Honest Girl Scouts, is educating the whole country about the radical Homosexual Agenda that the Girl Scouts are embracing." (unquote)

To see video and message from this independent group Honest Girl Scouts, click here

Delgaudio also said:

"It touches my heart to see a young woman willing to take such a stand against the radical Homosexual Lobby.
And I am very proud to say that Public Advocate's work has played a part in encouraging her to speak out.
My friend, we cannot let them fight this alone.

I pledge to you right now that Public Advocate will fight alongside them in this struggle."

Public Advocate feels it is completely unacceptable that any group would put this nation's young girls in that much danger.

Will you help me see justice done?