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13th Anniversary: Wall Street Journal and Many Newspapers Carry A P Report: "INTERNET IS A GODSEND--Eugene Delgaudio"

Associated Press February 16 1999 by CHRIS ALLBRITTON Headline:"The First Net Blockbuster", a wire service (subscribed to and fully used by "newspapers" in the United States-- that's hard news for the handful of old time media savvy among us old timers) from 13 years ago this coming month.

Its the internet. It can't be true. Actually it is true.

But what happens if the same person pops up for 30 years of recorded and archived history in authentic news bureaus all over the United States independently as a conservative leader who writes conservative letters that outrage liberals?

Today is January 22, 2012 and some liberal writers report the "Headline NEWS" that a "Eugene Delgaudio -- a noname Conservative writer is writing conservative letters on the internet"

For the sober among us, lets review "history" in every national newspaper 13 years ago

After Eugene Delgaudio presented a million petitions demanding and obtaining a full Congressional vote on impreachment of then-President Bill Clinton and before the Drudge Report even started, although Matt Drudge was kicking around and starting up his revelations:

AP: The First Net Blockbuster. "The Internet is a godsend," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of the Council of Volunteer Americans. "It was literally sent by God to give the mimeograph crowd a way to communicate."

Printed online and in the print editions of the Augusta Chronical, The San Jose Mercury paper and many other daily newspapers in the United States.

full text of AP story:

Besides 100s of newspapers, yes, (sad news for you hard drinkers in the blog community)even the major television news teams posted on this Eugene Delgaudio salute to the internet.

CBS NEWS: Web Faces Life After Monica

Where exactly did Eugene Delgaudio come from?

20 years prior to coming to Washington DC there was a group called "Young Americans for Freedom" in which Public Advocate's president Eugene Delgaudio was active in from New Hampshire to California-- that's 1969 to 1989.

While many "news reporters" ignore these 100s of stories, above, they also ignore the hundreds of stories about the "YAF" group Eugene Delgaudio belonged to from 1969 to 1989 . "YAF" and was active nationally in starting at age 14 with his first news conference in New York City at both the United Nations Building and in the middle of a riot in Central Park.

There is no internet for those years but there are plenty of national newspapers with archives.

There are archives of major newspapers in all major cities where YAF and Delgaudio held news conferences, meetings and (gasp) there are books too dating back to 1969 with "Eugene Delgaudio" in newspapers like the New York Daily News, the New York Times, and some other publications.

Sample link to YAF stories, another group that represented young conservatives in the Washington Post (there are 100s of articles with many other people in them but that's not Public Advocate's or Eugene Delgaudio's "problem".)

Washington Post Reagan's Triumph Parallels YAF's Resurgence

By Glenn Frankel Washington Post Staff Writer; The Washington Post (1974-Current file); Jul 21, 1980

Typical of the television, radio, and yes, newspaper coverage for Eugene Delgaudio 40 years ago in YAF activities is one historical photo:

"Great Neck YAF Supports Our Men In Vietnam"

Photographer Gerry Winogrand's black and white photo of Eugene Delgaudio, and others, in Central Park, New York in 1969 , picture 4

For details of the YAF campaigns see Gregory Schneider,

Cadres for Conservatism : Young Americans for Freedom and the Rise of the Contemporary Right (New York: New York University Press, 1999),

We here at Public Advocate highly recommend

Wayne Thorburn, "A Generation Awakes: Young Americans for Freedom and the Creation of the Conservative Movement," Jameson Books Inc., 2010