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Public Advocate Says "Repeal Title IX"-- Its Destroying Sports For Young Americans

The Daily Caller says "For a number of years now, I've been closely tracking the way that Title IX has been enforced in American athletics. While most people still associate Title IX and its rigid gender quotas with colleges and universities, enforcement of the law has now reached elementary and secondary education - and many of the effects of the law are quite shocking to the uninitiated."

"The most recent example comes from the Pittsburgh public school system. The following is from a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

If a school can't field enough players for both a boys' and a girls' team, neither team will be allowed to compete in the eight-game season that begins in January.

All around the country, high school booster clubs are under threat and, in some cases, have even come under investigation from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights for potential violations of the law. "

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