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Sandusky: "Paterno never spoke to me" and Admits Monstrous Behavior Towards Young Boys--AGAIN

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky said Joe Paterno never spoke to him about any suspected misconduct with minors, according to a new report.

Sandusky has been charged with 40 counts of molesting eight boys over 15 years and is free on bail while awaiting a preliminary hearing on Dec. 13 .

Penn State's board of trustees fired Paterno on Nov. 9 because it felt the football coach didn't go far enough in alerting authorities after an assistant coach said he told Paterno he saw Sandusky assaulting a young boy in the football building showers in March 2002.

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Admits He Likes Little Boys and Little Girls and Admits He Showered With Boys And Had Them In Bedroom--- 2nd Interview

In New York Times interview, He says 'I'm Not the Monster Everyone Made Me Out to Be' while he admits he 'wrestled' and showered alone with boys, gave them gifts and money, and travelled with them, according to the lawyers who are representing 8 victims.

Perhaps that Barney Frank has some free time now that he has announced his retirement and can help Sandusky turn his back on prosecutors and the media like Mr. Frank did when he was charged with abusing an intern and ignoring a homosexual prostitution ring operating out of his home?

Source: ABC news report on NYTime interview