Defending the family

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Behind the Scenes At Public Advocate in Nashville -- One battle at a time

Public Advocate's pivotal last minute role in the historic vote to defend the family held in Tennessee last week began with an email from PA President Eugene Delgaudio on Thursday May 12 at 5:26 p.m. Eastern Standard Time from his offices in Falls Church, Va. to his top volunteers and staff.

Delgaudio said:

(quote) Public Advocate has a Nashville based- volunteer in Nashville right now pushing passage of the bill (Director Mark Clayton) in Tennessee right now and on site in the capitol until this battle is over.....our plan is to explain to every Senator our memberships' support for passing this bill and to stand up to the lies of the homosexual lobby and know that we are with them.

the opposition has spread lies with their own obscene video and the news media is assisting the homosexual lobby by calling it the "don't say gay" bill when it, the bill, simply states "just say traditional values-- heterosexual practices".(unquote)

Delgaudio followed up with a memo to his volunteers on on Monday May 16 at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, after consulting with Mark Clayton:

(quote) "the vote on the Tennesee Bill 49 has been set for Wednesday May 18 in the Senate......

Mark Clayton will deliver a letter from Public Advocate (Monday, May 16) today and tomorrow asking the Senate to adopt the bill to ban the promotion of ALL (NOT JUST SODOMY OR HOMOSEXUALITY) obscene sexual practices.

This will close a chapter in the history of defeats and retreats and begin the advance back to reverse the perverts--- if it passes! (unquote)

Delgaudio then sent out two successive emails to supporters throughout the United States over a 3 day period.

In Nashville, Mark Clayton walked the halls and visited offices.

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While delivering Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio's letter to Tennessee's state legislators, some liberal aides argued with Public Advocate's representative and conservative leader Mark Clayton that because American parents are incompetent, the state had the right and obligation to present homosexual behavior as an option to "confused" children who were afraid to talk to their parents.

Thousands of Calls flooded the speakers office from Public Advocate members. Every day Senate Bill 49 supported by Public Advocate was held off due to the workload and the commotion outside the legislative offices in Nashville. Pushed off to a vote on Wendesday, then Thursday and then finally on Friday.

Senators targeted for phone calls were completely deluged with many supporters of Public Advocate and were heard to say "How do we stop these calls" and a response was heard "Just tell them you support SB 49 and the calls will decrease".

Public Advocate's representatives were in every office of the Senate every day with a letters from PA President Eugene Delgaudio asking for a "yes" vote to SB 49.

While in the same office in the same conversation, PA's reprentatives observed an openly pro-homosexual aide was contradicting the oppositions' argument against parents by saying -- falsely -- that there are no instances of gay indoctrination in Tennessee schools.

PA's representative and conservative leader Mark Clayton informed these misguided aides that the overwhelming majority of Tennesseans whom he had spoken to while traveling across the state favored the family authority being protected from forced government social indoctrination and thought-control.

Afterward Mr. Clayton spoke to members of the news media answering questions and explaining that our taxpayer-funded school system should focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic with an emphasis on both preparing for higher education and/or vocational training to prepare students for a successful and viable work life.

Mr. Clayton also told the media that mandated social reeducation, homosexual indoctrination against the wishes of parents, and thought-control had no place in a safe and healthy school environment.

Public Advocate's rep, Mark Clayton noted there were misguided young people there to argue against the majority opinion of Tennesseans who favor quick passage of Bill 49. He told members of the media the other side of the issue, the pro-family side.

The day was a great success on Tennessee's Capitol Hill and the offices of the leadership whom Mr. Clayton visited expressed optimism that Bill 49 would succeed and lift a massive weight of lopsided oppression from the shoulders of Tennessee parents.

Upon receiving Mr. Delgaudio's letter one senator's legislative aide enthusiastically responded, "This is a GREAT bill!"

Other Senators or their aides appreciated the support or feedback on the legislative proposal to promote moral values and not push perverse sexual practices on young children.

This victory, the vote of 20 yes, to 10 no, in the Tennessee state Senate on Friday for SB 49, was the work of many people and the legislators are to be commended especially the legislator, Senator Stacey Campfield who braved a withering series of attacks that continue even today.

A special thank you to the kind supporters of Public Advocate who constantly stand vigilent and sacrifice their time and effort to make a difference.

The supporters of Public Advocate came through and made a difference when it counted.

In Nashville the streets were filled with misguided protesters and the TV screens and social websites pumped out misinformation. But Public Advocate supporters came through.