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Top 10 Bush Terror Policies Continued by Obama

Human Events reports: After campaigning vigorously against President Bush's terror policies, Barack Obama continued a good many of them after assuming the presidency. To those policies, along with the Navy SEALS who entered the Abbottabad compound, go the credit for the long-awaited, bullet-to-the-head takedown of Osama bin Laden. Here are the Top 10 Bush Terror Policies Continued by Obama.

  1. Special Forces funded: Since 9/11, funding for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has tripled, even as its overseas deployments quadrupled. This Pentagon unit oversees all the military services' elite Special Forces units, including the Navy SEAL Team Six that was dispatched to Osama bin Laden's Pakistani hideaway. Under Obama, the command continues to be well-funded even during times of economic problems and budget cutbacks. The Pentagon is seeking a 7% budget increase for SOCOM in fiscal 2012, and the command is fielding the first of its 72 new MH-60M helicopters, while upgrading other aging hardware.
  2. Military tribunals:
  3. Iraq not abandoned:
  4. Gitmo still open:
  5. Renditions continued:
  6. Afghanistan surge:
  7. Indefinite detention:
  8. Surveillance maintained:
  9. Record number of drones:
  10. Killing terrorists:

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