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Another Conservative Group Joins PA in "Open Letter to CPAC"

An Open Letter to CPAC Attendees and Presenters

Another social conservative group is leafleting CPAC and is attempting to force the group to throw out the anti-Christian leftist groups that embrace immorality.

Their letter reads: This is a time of both promise and conflict for conservatives. As the country recoils from the leftist initiatives of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress, we find more and more people prepared to hear and respond to our message of smaller government, lower taxes, respect for family, marriage, and life, and a strong national defense.

And yet, at the same time, a movement has begun within our ranks to marginalize part of the message-to try to leave social conservatives out of the coming conservative revival. This is a mistake.........

The group American Principles Project has posted a letter on World Net Daily along with a petition to pressure CPAC.