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Canada Calls Christians Unethical, Cancels TV Show

A television show that tackled family-oriented issues from a Christian perspective has been pulled from the air in Canada, and Word TV's executive producer and host, Charles McVety, is calling it a simple case of censoring a message that is politically incorrect.

"The crux of this problem is that last year I led a protest to stop our minister of education from presenting a newcurriculumthat would teach, starting at grade three, that there are six genders and that the children can't be happy and can't have a positive image of themselves until they accept their inner gender which may not coincide with their physical body," McVety told WND.

Now he's caught in a dispute with Canada's Crossroads Television Systemover its decision to cancel the Word TV programmingover what it describes as issues of "ethics."

CTS communications director Carolyn Innis says McVety refused to comply with her code of ethics, even though the network tried to work with him.

McVety said it's just censorship by CTS TV on behalf of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

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